NFB Animation Apprenticeship

Please Note: Due to licensing restrictions, this film is currently password protected.

However, I am allowed to grant individual access based on my discretion, so please email me ( [email protected]) for a password.

Watch Liberation


In the fall of 2013, I was privileged to be selected for the ninth edition of the National Film Board of Canada's Hot House program. A "[t]welve week paid apprenticeship in full-on professional filmmaking."

Living in Montreal for three months I worked on a sixty second animation. It was an incredible experience where I learned a tonne about making an animated film - my first - and met a shocking amount of amazing, award-winning animators and animation collaborators.

I used Blender, an open source (free) program for 3D modelling and animation.

This year our challenge was to pitch an idea rooted in "abstract storytelling". We had to tell a story through shape, sound, imagery - a story that eschewed the traditional conventions of character animation.

My short film, Liberation, was about tormented forms struggling to break their bonds. Seen here are some early digital sketches.

A link to the finished film will be up shortly