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Monday March 5:
Women's Health Workshop
Monday March 5:
Women's Health Workshop

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Kid Dynomite!

There was that law of life, so cruel and so just, that one must grow or else pay more for remaining the same.

-Norman Mailer

You are created with this amazing healing power. When your spine is in the correct position, all nerve channels are functioning and healing at 100%. When your spine shifts out of its normal position, the nerves begin to get choked off. These shifts or misalignments, not only break down the spine itself, but more importantly put pressure on the nervous system. This means that the brain can not get messages to the rest of the body, causing dis-ease at first and if left for a long time can result in disease and organ system damage. Our goal is to restore that misalignment, allowing your body to function and heal the way God intended it to in the first place. At Health First, we achieve this through gentle and specific adjustments, rehabilitation exercises, continual education, and lots of love and prayer.

Warning: People under regular chiropractic care have a tendency to experience increased energy and an abundance of health which may lead to stronger loving relationships and a higher quality of life.
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